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Need Advice how to increase impressions?


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Hi everyone!
I have a question how can I do to increase the impressions of my videos. My videos are usually tutorials and so they are short at most 5 minutes which makes me have little watch time.

Análises do vídeo - YouTube Studio - Google Chrome.jpg

As you can see in this example, I receive only 4 impressions per day!

I know from Adwords that this subject has about 450,000
monthly searches. If we add all the keywords of more than 1 million per month!

How can I increase these impressions?
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In order to increase it you need to have right SEO

Travel Interesante

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You unfortunately also need to have people click on your videos in order for YouTube to promote it to more people. If 0 people click on your video, YouTube won't push it to more people. Check on things like thumbnail and title versus other channels in your niche to see how you can draw more eyeballs in to your video.

CT Gena

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IΓÇÖm in the same boat. Are your tags ranking? Do you have a good title and description of the video? Is there a lot of competition in your niche?