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Remember the great outdoors? - New Video


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After being cooped up for weeks, with the exception of essential shopping and collecting prescriptions, I thought it was time to go out into the world and be at one with nature, even if itΓÇÖs only for a short while.

A bit of exercise,fresh air in the lungs and the soothing sounds and sights of all that our dear earth has to offer, gives so much more than you could imagine, itΓÇÖs stress relieving, you could almost say itΓÇÖs liberating.

ItΓÇÖs good to get out and clear the cobwebs sometimes.

This week, our quotes are on the subject of #Nature

I hope you enjoy and IΓÇÖll see you next week for more!

View: https://youtu.be/8vUMIvV1Jgc