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Community Type Trends 2020 (learn graphic design to improve your thumbnails)

Beanie Draws

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So i've been following Chris Do from The Futur channel (All about graphic design) and he shared this article about type trends of 2020 https://zetafonts.com/blog/type-trends-2020/

I highly suggest you all keep on top of design and type trends. You might be thinking it's all about subs, views and editing and all that, but we often forget about the book cover which are our thumbnails, and the importance of type design with I'd say 99% of us don't even consider if you've never thought about doing a graphic design course.

"what's graphic design got to do with youtube and making videos?" it's about half the formula really. getting the click on your thumbnail is half the battle. Your thumbnail is graphic design.


so yeah. Just keep on top of design trends, design lingo, and graphic design as a whole.