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YouTube Question Does uploading and deleting multiple unlisted never public videos hurt?

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Really not sure if this fits into YouTube strategy or discussions. @Andrew you can change where this belongs because this question is mostly for you :p

I asked Dee Nimmin this yesterday and he suggested I ask Andrew instead. The breif setup is Derral Eves has suggested we upload videos but NOT set them to public or to publish them, but instead, to just keep them unlisted so you can share them with peers to review them for opinions. Pretty cool idea which I really should do more often.

Now I've heard (even in one of his videos I think) that having an unlisted video be seen but never public, can hurt it's momentum in terms of upload and publish dates, I also don't know if it has any impact on the NEW lable (I have about 10+ videos still unlisted, never published and are about 5 years old now... would they get a "new" tag once published or would they be too old?)

Now the MAIN question is this. If I were to upload a video unlisted. share it with friend for review, then delete the video (I don't like having TOO many unlisted videos for my own OCD reasons) upload an updated version for reviewing... deleting after so I can make room for another updated version. Would it bad data wise, to upload several versions, of several videos, only to delete them later? Does this set bad triggers to YouTube that could spark their bots to detect suspicious activity?

Would having so many uploaded but never public, then deleted videos, mess with the overall channel data. Apparently in the past, even having poorly performing unlisted videos could STILL overhall harm your channel because of the unlisted videos metrics still counting to the overall channel's videos metrics. Would it leave little remnants of data behind that YouTube caches in an overall historical data cache?

If it has no impact, then great, I can use my channel as a private drop box of sorts as well to share private works in progress before setting public eventually. BUT, I'm worried doing this could potentially trigger youtube's "duplicate content" bots and such. So before I go experimenting further, I'd really love to know some data driven facts, and of course, I have no data to gather any facts so I'd love to know :)