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YouTube Question Is Making My Videos as an Ad-Campaign a Good Idea?


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I seen some Youtuber's use ad-campaign's to get people to notice their videos and to be honest I have click on several of them because I was intrigued. My question is has any one used ad-campaign's before if so which website did you prefer and why.


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Hi @gracegammer

Well, I think the ad-campaign on Googles platform for youtube works great. So ad-words is the answer for me. I think perhaps you can get a better reach and pinpoint your ads more on facebook as they have all the information of all their users they can really show your ads to very specific group of people.

The problem with facebook is that it's a locked system so not much traffic will leave facebook so you will not get more subscribers or engagement on youtube.

So the answer is, it depends. Do you want more engagement overall or just on youtube?

Hope this helps
Best regards
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