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Need Advice how to get first 50 subscribers?

saleh ahmad

New Member
i have made 17 videos,it's all about unboxing everything. but only get 26 subs and very few views..coud any one can give any suggestion for me?
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If its things that have got a lot of search results, then consider checking your tags. Promote your video and your brand on social media and know the community you are in and be a part of it! Subs will come flooding in soon :) keep up the great work

Stanley | Team TB

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TubeBuddy Staff
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For starters understand that for many the first 100 subscribers is noticeably more difficult than other milestones. A lot of times viewers want some affirmation that you are going to be consistent and 'worth subscribing to' before they will subscribe to your channel. Nobody wants a bunch of dead channels in their subscription list. But also understand that just because they haven't subscribed yet doesn't mean they won't do so in the future. You will need to practice patience especially early on.

Getting those first few milestones are difficult, and the path you take to getting them isn't really any different than the path you take to 1,000 or 10,000. You need to focus on making GREAT content that is worth subscribing to. Make sure you follow your best practices; include a value proposition and subscription call to action in your video but most importantly you need to give the viewer a reason to want to subscribe to your content.

It also helps to participate in local groups involved with similar content; IRL groups and networking conferences are great (there is no subscriber requirement for attending events like VidSummit, Video Marketing World or People of Video). But also it is important to be a valuable addition to online forums, Facebook Groups and various other places on the internet and in social media. If you are a valuable resource in these groups you are going to get subscribers.

The key; be valuable. The rest will come.