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YouTube Tips channel not performing well as it used to

dean the rat

Known Member
so my channel used to average 50 views a day but for the past couple weeks i am lucky to get over 20 views a day, i used to upload daily but took some advice from a higher subbed youtuber, so i changed to uploading every other day, i am over 100 subs and i have 138 videos uploaded i have been busy and havent really tagged videos could that be what is dragging me down

Stanley | Team TB

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TubeBuddy Staff
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It's a combination of things more likely. Less videos could be resulting in less views. Combine that with a lack of time spent tagging and/or optimizing titles/keywords/thumbnails may be costing you. Could also be that people are returning from quarantine and just are not watching as much content.

You need to be prepared to experience fluctuations in viewer habits. You will see a difference in views when summer rolls around. Kids are out of school and playing with their friends, parents are pulling their hair out and wishing their kids were back in school. In the winter people are spending time with their families on holidays, or they are returning to post-summer work/school routines. All of these effect your channel performance.