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Need Advice new intro

dean the rat

Known Member
i have a new intro being made but how do i put it on all my vids or do i not upload anymore until it is done. I never made a intro for spoiled rats( my channel) but is thier a way were i can put it on my vids without taking them down or no....


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No, there isn't a way to add in additional clips after you've uploaded the video :x

You can only trim an uploaded video.

Beanie Draws

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You can't add it to past videos (one day YouTube MIGHT allow this feature) however, how long is the intro? some people can go overboard with their intros to the point they hurt your videos instead of helping. So before going to the effort of putting it into every video, you'll want to review it, or even get several people to review it to get honest feedback on weather it's annoying, or helpful to your videos.

Ideally you don't want an intro any longer than 3 seconds.