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Music Channel A Rookie YouTuber/Music Enthusiast from the Philippines

Queeniever Tejano

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User name: Queeniever Tejano
Title of introduction: A Rookie YouTuber/Music Enthusiast from the Philippines
Your name/ Alias: Queeniever
Where are you from? Philippines
How did you find TubeBuddy? I heard of TubeBuddy from a co-member of a facebook private group that I am in. I think he's a YouTuber for some time now since he uses TubeBuddy.
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? There are two reasons that made me join the TubeBuddy Forums.

1. I want to freely promote my videos and my channel without the fear of being judged. I am very shy towards people that I know so I can't maximise my social media accounts in promoting my music (covers) because I don't know what to say.

2. I want to be a member of a community wherein I can have healthy discussions with people that have the same interests as I do - music and YouTube. To be able to give and receive (good) criticisms and comments is what I need for myself to grow and learn.
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: At first I just wanted to post song covers on my channel for fun. But now that I think about it, my channel can grow through time and when I reach 1000 subscribers, I can monetize the channel and help me reach my goals as a student who wants to save money for her family.

There is also a part of me who wants to shine and be in the limelight if given an opportunity. And through gaining subscribers, my audience will grow and maybe, just maybe, an opportunity will also appear.
How frequently do you upload? As for schedule, I don't have a fixed time and date but I upload my song covers at night time when lots of people are online every week or two.
What are your hobbies? My primary hobbies are singing, playing guitar and ukulele, and watching tv series.

My secondary hobbies are drawing, playing ultimate frisbee, and make up.
What is your biggest dream? My biggest dream in life is to be successful. Really general, right? But that is basically it. I want to buy a house and a car for my mom who is a single parent since 2014. I want to give her everything that she wishes for. And I also want to have a big house of my own somewhere where I can see the oceans. Along with those goals is me wanting to share my talent in singing until I'm gray and old.
YouTube Channel Link: www.youtube.com/c/QueenieverTejano