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YouTube Question Found Glitch After Upload


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So, I uploaded a video a couple weeks ago then someone let me know of glitch.
After watching the video (which I should have caught before uploading) there are a couple glitches that need fixed.

Is it possible to edit a video, upload, and replace "glitchy" video without deleting Title, desc, tags...etc?
It's one of my highest viewed videos so I hate to delete it...

Open to suggestions

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What kind of "glitches" are they? are they compression kind of glitches? You can't edit videos once uploaded, but there are issues where if you have too many "dotty" things going on in a scene, youtube WILL compress it heavily, and some videos won't show at full resolution until fully processed if that's what you mean by glitchy?

Save your title description and tags in a word document, but I think you might be able to save that data as a template using tubebuddy yes @Ikerot ?
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