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YouTube Tips Why My Youtube videos not getting views, though i have ranked my keywords on the top?

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Hi There,

Why are My Youtube videos not getting views, though i have ranked my keywords on the top?

It will be great if you could give me some real tricks to get more views :)

with regards,
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Oh, I have some friend who are teaching English in UAE. Looking at your channel, you have a lot of things going right.

1. Time is the #1 thing to help grow your channel.

For instance take this news channel: AeroNews Network. The basic difference is that they've been doing this since 2007. You've been going since 2018. They have a decade of time built up.

2. Niche down a bit.

For instance my favorite news channel is Defense and Aerospace Report: Defense and Aerospace Report. Note that they only cover defense tech, specifically defense aviation. Your channel seems to be more focused on general news of the region. Than could work if you spoke in your own language, perhaps.

3. Your Native Language is Good.

I've found that if you speak in your native language, you'll grow much faster.


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Having gone through your website this is my observation:

1. You are reading news using pictures. This is like trying to play within the niche of CNN AND BBC with only pictures now this is a hard line to thread. I do trending news but I discuss it and talk about my perspective about it.

2. You are talking about 5-10 topic on each video, why not discuss one trending news using your knowledge and research. People want to know what an ordinary person thinks about the news around them. They want to have a discussion not have someone read news to them unless they are watching news channel. Make it interactive and more personal.

3. Thumbnail: They are the same. Can you make it more attractive and specific to the trending news. When I looked at it I felt that it was the same story as I hardly look at titles anyway.

When i started YouTube last year, I learnt that people come to your channel to know what you think about the news. They need you be interacting with them and not be another news TV channel as this is YouTube. If you like check my website to see what I do with news article in African and my country.

Hope this helps and we are all learning.
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