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YouTube Question Asking advice on how to rank in search


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Hello ive been posting for about 2 months and im just curious if anyone has some advice on how to rank better i put alot of work into getting better at thumbnails and my CTR is about 15% on my last couple vids but nobody is seeing them i know about keywords and spend alot of time going through all the TITLE KEYWORDS DESCRIPTION making sure they all are in sync ive only posted 12 videos do i just need to post more any help would be much appreciated


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Hi @Drivenprogressive,

I checked out your channel the first thing I noticed was you only have 13 videos. I'm assuming you're averaging about 1 video a week? The biggest issue you are having right now is your current volume of videos. Growing a channel takes time, getting YouTube to notice your videos and show them more often to more viewers also takes time. Most professional YouTubers will tell you to take your time, have patience and work on your first 100 videos before you start worrying about views, subs and CTR. This gives you time to refine your videos, improve upon your SEO, experiment with ideas that could help improve your videos for better CTR and it also gives YouTube a baseline upon which to judge your videos in order for the algorithm to start pushing your videos to the right audience.

Remember, you're competing against thousands of videos an hour. So take your time and keep pumping out those videos. Learn as you go. Eventually, your channel will start growing.

Niki Proshin

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A tiny addition to BraveStarrTG's message.
I've noticed that as more videos I make about one particular topic, as better I rank in search for a wider and more searchable keyword. I create travel videos from Asia, and recently most of my content is about Chiang Mai (a city in Northern Thailand). The first video I made about Chiang Mai only ranked for VERY specific keywords, and my latest videos ranked just for "chiang mai" or even "thailand" (though for a very short time right after uploading videos). But I see a good tendency.

Keep pumping out videos, but be consistent with what the videos are about. Not just random videos about everything.