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Amazon Review Stuff I Use


New Member
I have been creating basic to poor quality youtube videos and social media content for a lot of amazon product reviews for the last few years. I will admit my videos and photos are poor and that I am not to good at making and editing videos yet but I now have a spare bedroom I plan to turn into a youtube video creating room.

After all the time I have been reviewing and grabbing random things from sites for amazon reviews I have ended up with a nice sized ring light, 2 tripods a few lapel mics and even a microphone I still need to connect and setup on my desk/table and even a few other odds and ends. And cellphone mounts that I can use to hold my cellphone/camera for youtube.

I have gotten a pretty good setup for a low price since I got a bunch of these items cheap for review. With my new youtube channel I plan to make newer videos. I plan to make shopping haul videos and some product review videos but not sponsored videos for just one item. I plan to keep my old youtube channel for the single item reviews and then the new channel for top 10 or top 5 items videos or how to videos and stuff like that. I plan to have a corner in the room specifically for my setup and a place to store all the items I still need to review.

I plan to have it a bit more organized.

I was wondering if anyone has photos of there mounted setups. I mean like mounted mics and cameras and lighting and such so I can get some ideas on how I can set this all up even if there diy mounted setups.

I figured if I can mount it it would be easier to have it already and not need to keep setting things up every time I need to use it.