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YouTube Tips How to grow your channel!!


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Hey, one of the tips that I've been using in order to grow my channel is RESEARCH!! When I first started my channel and didn't know what to post, I started posting vlogs, challenges and then until one day I decided to post a tutorial on how to make an outro for your youtube and that video almost got 100 views in 3 days!!! So the , I started making videos on what people wanted to see!! How did I k ow what people liked to see!? In the search bar of youtube, I typed in "How to.." and it gave me a lot of suggestions and I started writing all of them down!! Since the , I have gains over 200 subscribers in under 3 months..!! I'm all here to help other with there channels, while at the same time, benefitting mine as well!!


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Creating content based on what is popular or trending is a very common practice for many Youtubers. Content such as tutorials are often considered evergreen content because, like evergreens, the content can still be useful years down the line. The idea is to create content that you enjoy making while also creating it for the audience you want to entertain/educate/inform. You are the creator of the channel thus you can create whatever content you want. All you have to do is make sure there is an audience out there looking for that content. How to's are one of several kinds of content viewers are always looking for.
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