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Need Advice About Suggested Videos


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Hi and Welcome
Our channel has a bunch of videos that are being suggested and frankly it's still a bit of a mystery. I've heard that your video must draw some attention but I've never heard anybody say exactly how much.
I do know in our case that once you have several videos that have been "suggested" it seems to come a bit more frequently.
One big tip is use the YouTube app and get really familiar with it and how to check and recheck your results on the app and measure them. I personally keep a picture folder and do screen shots of the videos I am watching closely, so i can compare weekly what results certain video's are achieving. Lastly I'll say this our very first successful video was up for months before it started to get really noticed and then suggested and it's turned out to be quite popular.
Just keep publishing relevant videos and measuring your results and if something is working then tweak it a little at a time and make it better. If your bringing benefits to your viewers, sooner or later you'll get noticed.
Good luck!


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I currently have 35 videos on my channel and only one of them managed to be suggested for YouTube.

I try to replicate more, it is very difficult, maybe the topic I chose was being researched a lot or something like that but some things I noticed is that people liked my thumbnail I got a 15% clickthrough rate in the first hours and the profitability was high 50 % as i was getting a lot of clicks i started to get more views and youtube started to recommend my video!