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YouTube Question Proper channel setup


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I'm looking for some advice on setting up my YouTube channel. Ive had ot for awhile but its going through numerous changes and I'm in the process of rebranding and creating new content. Looking for maybe a "best practices" and information on layout, playlists, end cards etc. I have a basic understanding but thought there might be a really good resource for basically setting up a new channel from scratch.

Thanks - Dave


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Hi @davedoeppel

Well, I'm not sure if there are any "best practices" per se. Or at least there isn't anyone that has written them down. A lot of people talk about their channels so you should be able to search for advice and listen to some of them.

How ever, some things are simple and true. If you set up a channel, you set up an expectation. You create something that someone should follow, then you should think about what they will expect and what kind of audience the channel will attract.

Out of that finding, you create banners that are informative for that audience. Structure things so people that look at your channel for more things to watch easily would find it. But that is not that important in the beginning. What you need is to be found. You need to get your videos in front of your audience in some way, and then the thumbnail should be clickable for that audience, and the title should inform what your video is about.

When people have watched your video, the end card should be a good call to action, so your viewer knows what to see next. If you have good content that ties into what you are talking about or doing, then link it with cards so people have more things that they can watch to learn or enjoy more.

The layout should promote the right thing or the things you want your viewers to see, and you should have good avenues to contact you. Then again, even if I have ten different ways to contact me, everyone comments, but that is probably because I remind my audience how to get in touch.

Transparency and being clear about how to interact is essential.

I hope some of these points can help you.

Best regards