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YouTube Question View Count??? And have I corrupted them???


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I have a very new channel

I am confused by the view count - as on some screens it may say I have had x views on a video. But if I went on the video [or another page on the analytics] it gives a a different much higher number

Which number is real

Where is the best place to look for the current actual total - and why the differences?

Also - I'm often on my own video. I wish it wouldn't count my views. As then it makes it very hard to know what my true view count is. But I can't avoid going on - to check things out, or do a twitter share, or look at comments. Is there a way to 'ban' YouTube from counting my views?

Thanks for any help x


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Why not using YouTube Studio for thinks like share links and comments? When you go to your video list in you tube Studio and click on the three dots when you hover your mouse over the description, there is a button that copys the video link into your clipboard.
And there is also the comments section in YT Studio which can be used to, well, look at comments written under your videos.


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Hi @MaJ

Well, the view count is a bit tricky to get accurate. Many of the Youtube pages are cached and may show an older value. So getting a live correct metric is hard then again the exact number is not interesting. The aggregate and change over time are what you want to follow. So the card on your studio front page is a good indicator of how you are doing. It will check the number of views compared with the last videos and rank the results.

Hope this helps.

Best regards