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Channel Banner Feedback Colour Palette


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Hi Guys, I'm wanting to redesign my current channel banner (The current one was built in haste to get off the ground) As you can see from my thumbnails i've decided on two main colours for my channel, but wanted to broaden the colour palette as a brand, which will be used in the banner and future channel art. I've used an online tool and gone through quite a few, but this one is standing out, i've 'reserched colours for technology' but the more you delve the more all the colours are used, what do you think? Any branding gurus offer some advice?



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I am no expert but my opinion is there are too many colors to brand with. Great for a theme but you aren't making a powerpoint or excel spreadsheet :) Personally, again no expert, but I just use army green as primary with occasional dark, dark grey as secondary, so a total of 2 colors.
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I see no issue with the colour pallete and I think it's actually pretty clever to think about it because people don't give colour theory enough recognition.

Have you looked into complimentory colours in terms of contrast. Complimentory colours can help make things stand out. And to be fair, in tech, if you go the standard tech themed colours, you might just blend in with the rest, instead of standing out and being unique.