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Entertainment Channel PedramTalks - Looking for Persian/Iranian Youtuber to collaberate with...


New Member
User name: PedramTalks
Title: PedramTalks - Looking for Persian/Iranian Youtuber to collaberate with...
Age: 36
Type of collaboration: We will be doing a Podcast with yourself and your YouTube channel, about how you got into it. The Niche you have choosen to be in. The experience you have gained from being active on YouTube platform.
Amount of Subscribers: 0
Ways to contact you: Instagram: www.instagram.com/PedramTalks
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PedramTalks

message on Instagram or Facebook
Why should they collaborate with you: My channel is covering all Iranian/Persians who are active in many line of business and careers, people who have a story to share with Persian/Iranian audience and are not shy to be in front of the Camera
Link to Channel: Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/PedramTalks