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TubeBuddy Very Niche demographic and content


New Member
Hi all.
I have been on YouTube since Feb 26, 2020. I run a Video Podcast channel serving Persian/Iranian community on YouTube. I cover variety of Topics and Individuals in many different fields.
I have uploaded 12 guests so far (24 videos - originally I made 2 videos per person). I have another 56 other guest to add to my channel (looking to release 2 videos a week), which should good for additional 6-months worth of content.

Here some status about my channel.
134 Subscribers
662 Hours views (16.55% of 4000 Hours to be eligible for monetization)

90% of my Watch time is Not Subscribed
10% of my Watch time is Subscribed

Question: I have used TubeBuddy. I am have used Keyboards in Fair/Good/Very Good ratio. I have tried to be consistent with my Thumbnail and my post. I am currently posting in Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and some Iranian Free to Air Channel on Satellite. Since I am covering many Niche, does this confuse YouTube regarding my content? What can I do to make YouTube know that I am Podcaster and I cover many genre and topics.