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YouTube Opinion It is so hard yet enjoyable work to make others smile.

Chubby Lito

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From the very beginning, I am dreaming to be one of the well known content creator in Youtube, however, sometimes I am feeling really really down as I am running out of contents eventhough I am still young at this field. But.,people around me showed some support and encourage me to puraue this passion of mine. How about you, what is you struggle as a content creator??

Niki Proshin

Known Member
I think I am subscribed only to one YT channel which is entirely about making other people smile. The guy's name is Liam Thompson, check him out to see how he managed to make people smile and becoming a well known creator at same time.
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Kevin Cross

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Try to make your content for others, not yourself and as your community grows so will you. I read on another post today that too many people make there channel for themselves to become rich and famous and not too bothered about their community. Fulfill there needs first and foremost and your will surely follow!!