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Vlog Channel Spreading Positivity through daily lifestyle of an Expat in Dubai

User name: Girl with Indian Roo
Title of introduction: Spreading Positivity through daily lifestyle of an Expat in Dubai
Your name/ Alias: Ayushi saxena
Where are you from? India
How did you find TubeBuddy? Youtube
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? To know the community and hopefully to increase my audience
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: To get more subscribers, spread positivity and how to stay away from negative people
How frequently do you upload? Twice in a week
What are your hobbies?
What is your biggest dream?
YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFcgqkp-KnKWrhkSlzsFgXw
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Kevin Cross

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Welcome. I see from your channel that some of your videos are getting a lot of good views already. Well done you!!


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Hello Ayushi Saxena, welcome to TubeBuddy! It's wonderful to have you here representing India.

Wishing you success in growing your audience and achieving your goals.


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Ahaa, that's such a great topic. Currently, I'm only uploading the anime edits but I'm also thinking about creating a channel that will solely be based on providing how-to guides related to Emirates services including emirates id card, how you can check your evg fines, UAE visa and such staff. I'm just curious about where to start. Is it a good idea or should I focus on somewhere else? Need your recommendations.

I also own a site that provides info in the form of a blog, so is it a could idea to also dive into YouTube?