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YouTube Opinion I don't know "how" to edit. I don't know what my audience "wants"

Beanie Draws

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I was reading a tweet by Roberto Blake about insecurities which made me remember one of my longest lasting insecurities which I think has a lot to do with my inconsistent upload schedual.

It comes down to the fact that taste is subjective, or objective, whichever is the right term. But at the end of the day, we can't read minds. We don't know what the audience wants. We ΓÇ£knowΓÇ¥ what the audience wants (if you know your niche, topic and trends properly) but you still don't know exactly how long someone wants to watch. You don't know their taste in music for the background. You don't know if that wide shot is the appropriate shot, or weather they wish a part of your video is zoomed in (something I often wish when watching other artist's videos ΓÇ£i can barely see what you're doing, please zoom inΓÇ¥ ΓÇ£this is getting a bit slow and tedious, you can speed it up nowΓÇ¥)

My problem is, I don't know what OTHERS want to watch in my videos. I don't know if I'm providing enough detail in my descriptions, or if I'm going into excessive detail to the point of boring people.

So yes, I know the slice tool, I know ripple delete, I know basic colour grading and zoom and pan techniques... but I don't know how to edit my videos to the optimal way that others would prefer to watch.

It's an ever growing struggle which is why I'm looking into hiring an editor to do this for me. I know ΓÇ£howΓÇ¥ to edit, but I don't know HOW to edit, because I'm too personally attached to what I've created, and I need someone else to look over it and go ΓÇ£I know how this should flow. You don't need this in the video, this is really important, we'll keep this inΓÇ¥

I have the mind of a drawer, I like detail. I'm not really a story teller, and if I do tell stories, it's through composition, position, tone of light and shadow, motion in my postures and poses.... but crafting a story of getting from point A to point B just isn't how my mind works I don't think, and that's probably why my life is full of hockey sticks in the watch retention.

I know how to draw some pretty cool things, but after the pencil is on the paper, I really don't know what to do with it from there.
ΓÇ£You're such a great artist, I'm surprised you're not more successfulΓÇ¥ my answer in my mind is always ΓÇ£well, I don't know what to do with my art. I need someone else to tell me/help me.

Draw it, slap it on a website and be done, I'm fine. Scheduals, editing, business... I still have a lot of work to do.

Do ya'll ever find yourself out of your depth in THAT regard? Maybe that's what so many people mean by ΓÇ£I don't know how to make a good videΓÇ¥

Just some thoughts flowing through my mind as I try to edit this video of mine..


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Hey, I completely get you. I sometimes feel the same, I don't want to end up boring people either. Its a hard one but as long as they're not extremely long videos and the quality is good then I'm sure you can't go far wrong.


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Having an inconsistent upload schedule is always a problem for me. However, it is still possible to grow, it's a little harder though.