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Official *NEW* Forum Title Ladder

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Hello TubeBuddies!

We are proud to have a wonderful community, and weΓÇÖre always looking for a way to give back. WeΓÇÖve taken a look at our forum title ladders and found it to be incredibly bland. This is why weΓÇÖve revamped the title ladder with some added bonuses!

If you'd like to discuss the title ladder, you can post here: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/27251/

Here is the title ladder:
User Title:Post Amount: (USER MESSAGES)Sponsored Upgrade?
New Member1N/A
Active Member20Promotion Section
Familiar Member50N/A
Recognized Member75N/A
Known Member1001-month Upgrade From Current Level
Well-Known Member200Trusted User Eligible
Very Well-Known Member300N/A
Extremely Well-Known Member400N/A
Renowned Poster5003-Month Upgrade From Current Level
Distinguished Poster600N/A
Reputable Poster700N/A
Esteemed Poster800N/A
Experienced Poster900N/A
Decorated Poster1,0006 Month Pro Upgrade
Mythical Poster2,500N/A
Legendary Poster5,0001 year of TubeBuddy Legend

As you may have noticed, there are some sponsored upgrades and access that come along with your user title. For users with more than 20 posts, you get access to the Promotion Section (PLEASE NOTE: You still need a forum badge). If you reach 100 posts, you can get a month free upgrade from your current level!

We plan to add more in the spaces that say N/A, but this is it for now!

If youΓÇÖve reached any of the required post amounts for an upgrade, please send a message to with the subject: ΓÇ£TubeBuddy Title Ladder UpgradeΓÇ¥. We plan on streamlining this process where we reach out when you hit it, but until then, please message us!

If you do not have the required post and you message us about the sponsored upgrade, you will be given a warning! If we suspect that you might be tampering with the system, you will be warned or banned depending on the severity!

To check messages head to YOUR profile page, and it will be right under your username:

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 12.14.24 PM.png

Thank you for being active on our forum and we canΓÇÖt wait to see more messages and helpful conversations!


the @Moderators

Disclaimer: Since this is a free upgrade, you are not eligible for the Member Perks as those are available to PAID users only.
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