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Entertainment Channel Highlight Videos

Highlight Bank

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User name: Highlight Bank
Title: Highlight Videos
Age: 18
Type of collaboration: If you need me to make a highlight video for the sports you play for any level, high school, club, college , etc. Let me now. Also if you want to collab on a highlight video for a famous athlete I'd also be down for that too!
Amount of Subscribers: 21
Ways to contact you: email: wilrudolphyt@gmail.com
twitter: @BankHighlight
Instagram: _highlight_bank_
Why should they collaborate with you: I am a passionate video editor and love making sports content!
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEtGj1P7u0TI-7tEa3h2x3Q?view_as=subscriber


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"Schools" are made of very different constituencies including the teachers and their union(s), school boards, administrators and support staff (secretaries, aides, bus drivers, janitors, cafeteria workers), it's a huge bureaucracy and one legislators have little influence on (elected school boards are in charge of most conditions of employment). The children may be vulnerable but the adults may be more so and many not willing to put their lives (and that of their families) on the line.