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Official Doing A Soft Reboot Of My Channel Starting With A New Kind Of Content


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It's been nearly a year now since I stopped uploading videos to my channel. Circumstances forced me to put my 2 channels on the back burner until I could get things sorted out. I'm now in the process of reviewing my channel to see how I'm gonna restart it and am considering some new ideas for starters.

First, I may do a change in the branding. Instead on BraveStarr The Gamer I'm considering BraveStarr Gaming. Trying to align it a bit with my other channel Starr Academy Gaming. My links will remain as they are but I'm hoping to make my branding a bit more simpler to remember, more catchy. Considering my channel was small to begin with and odds are many of my followers were not really there for my videos since they have low views changing my name shouldn't have any negative impact. Instead I can treat it like a new channel while maintaining my current numbers. The current content shouldn't be a problem since I'll be sticking close to the same kind of content but I have new things I'll be adding.

One of the new ideas for content will be a gaming podcast where I talk about things related to gaming such as games (obviously) old and new, tech and the latest in gaming/tech news. I'm still debating if I'll be doing video podcasts or just audio, I feel video will be better but wanna make sure I have a nice setup first for the background. Don't want it to be plain or boring. I have a few ideas. I'm also gonna do a mix of older games and new ones. Try to have specific days to upload each. In essence I'll have 3 different, shows I guess, sections dedicated to something specific. A podcast, classic games and newer games.

This means I'll be working on all my channel art. Need a new logo, new banner and even a new trailer video. I'll also be making a new intro, outro and thumbnail template. This is gonna be a huge change but I'll have fun doing it and will be fun to start over. Take all the knowledge that I've gained while being a part of TubeBuddy and put it to good use. I may even venture into doing song parodies based on videogames. Just for fun.

Hope to have the channel up and running again soon. It's about time. :grinning:
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