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YouTube Tips so what is impressions on yt

dean the rat

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so my impression count keeps growing alot, its up to 12.3k what does it mean, along with impression click through rate mine is 2.8 . are these numbers good or im i failing at something. i have 90 videos, and 72 subs. so... are the numbers okay were they are at
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Mario So

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Impressions are how many times your thumbnail shows up on YouTube. So it's pretty much every single time your thumbnail is shown to someone on YouTube.

Click through rate is the number of clicks your thumbnail gets divided by the number of thumbnail impressions. I would say your click through rate is on the lower end meaning that Youtube is showing your video to a lot of people but only 2.8% of them are clicking on your thumbnail. I would go and revisit that thumbnail to see if I could improve it to catch people's attention and make them click.