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Need Advice How to improve subscriber with tubebuddy

Fathur Rozy

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I'm new with tubebuddy.. I still learn the tubebuddy,
How its helps me to improve my channel with more subscriber and viewer
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The best thing is having people whom are doing well give you advice and help on subjects us new channels donΓÇÖt know much about. There are a lot of years experience from the people on here and so far I feel itΓÇÖs been invaluable to me. IΓÇÖm only using TubeBuddy mobile as I donΓÇÖt have a computer so will look forward to more features as it evolves. But hang in there ask lots of questions and learn from people who know a little more about how youtube works and things will improve. I think a lot of new you tubers me included think that success will happen fast and it sadly does not. You have to do the work. You put in 30% thatΓÇÖs what youΓÇÖll get. Put in 100% well who knows. ItΓÇÖs a tough market as there is a lot to watch and a lot of competition. Your channel is no more special than countless others and thatΓÇÖs what you need to change. Make it special. Work at it, educate yourself and stay focused and positive. LetΓÇÖs face it humans like to be proud of their achievements and when others are not itΓÇÖs hard not to be disappointed. You can do this keep positive and strong


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I'm new with tubebuddy.. I still learn the tubebuddy,
How its helps me to improve my channel with more subscriber and viewer

The best way TubeBuddy helps is by giving you the oppurtunitiy for your content to get discovered. We're a tool. Like a fishing rod, you could catch fish by hand, BUT it's much easier with a fishing rod. Similarly we help by giving you opportunity to be seen in search, by saving you time on things that can take hours on YouTube, and showing you what you're doing right so you can do more of it.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzoLKuKaO8Q

This is a great video on how to get views in search.

However, you haven't told us:

1. What your channel is about?

2. What you're doing to get subscribers currently.

3. Who is your ideal audience?


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To add my thought to already gven point. Tubebuddy is not sub to sub so people miss it when they think they are here to get more sub. Tubebuddy tools are very good for new and Younge Youtubers as your brand is still not known. I will give you my favourite tool

1. Videos --- I spent so many times watching all the videos when I started out. Andrew have made so many fantastic videos that u need to take our time to watch. Why make the same mistakes when people are willing to teach you what eerrors they did.

2. Tags--- I normally spend hours on tags, title and description until I understood the explorer tool. I know people think tag doesnt help but it has given me views this few weeks I have learnt how it works.

3. Channel page Analystic- I love the Chnannel analysis I see once I open my page. It give me best practice report so I know what I have done well.

4. This community--- I have worked as a marketer and consultant. This forumn is an avenue for me to get feedback from other creators who understands the passion I have. I love creating video, editing and having the conversations with people based on my content. The feedback here are very supportive and done in a friendly manner.

There are so much to say, but you need to learn it by yourself. I am on Pro but I have checked out what 'STAR' and ' Legend' package does. Wow they are tools that will help your SEO.

Finally, friendships are made and communities are built.