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Need Advice How do I get smoother cuts?

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Lou C

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Hi everyone,
Hope you're all safe and well.

I was hoping that I might be able to get some advice please? I'm very new to doing videos, just coming into my 4th week and just uploaded my 11th video (I know...cute right o_O:p) and I feel like I'm learning and producing better quality videos every time I do one. However, my cuts stink. I do a fair few cuts as I am giving info that I'm reading and sometimes stammer, or stumble over words etc, plus I have 4 very needy animals that like to interrupt me when I'm trying to record. Anyhooo, I've tried to stay in the same position, keep my head in the same place but my cuts are still SOOO noticeable and I don't know how to improve them. I use Kinemaster to edit my videos in case that's relevant. Any advice will be gratefully received.

Thanks so much in advance,
Lou <3


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For something like this, I'd recommend heading over to the YouTube Feedback section and asking for a video review :)

This will let other forum users check out a video of yours so they can give you feedback on the editing! Thread locked.
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