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Need Advice Content Strategy for New Site?


New Member
Hi everyone,
I'm new here and just getting my channel started. I would like your feedback on some content strategy for a new site based around the theme of Japanese drinks. My wife is Japanese and the executive chef at our 3 Japanese restaurants and craft beer brewery in Buffalo. I lived in Japan for 13 years and am also a sake sommelier. My wife isn't interested in doing yet another Japanese food recipe channel, so as a family we sort of came up with doing a drink niche.

My daughter (11) loves making smoothies etc. and my son (8) wants to make mocktails, iced tea etc. I'm thinking of showing some Japanese cocktails we make at our bar as well as reviews/intros to other Japanese spirits, craft beer... We don't only want to do recipes but eventually something like a "Best Tea Cafes in NYC," for example.

Two questions I guess,
1) Do you think the niche is too narrow or too broad?
2) Does this confuse YouTube as to whether this is a family appropriate site or not, with both family videos of us making a smoothie together as well as a cocktail making video?

I think on some of the videos the kids want to have fun making or showcasing something so I definitely think other younger people will be interested in it, but obviously the alcohol related ones wouldn't be. Should I just separate them by different Playlists on the channel? Is it ok to click "appropriate for children" on some videos and not others?

Any ideas would be helpful or even examples of a family doing a similar thing might be good. Thanks and I'm glad to be here!