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Channel Review Would love to get feedback on my rocksmith channel


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User name: Roudari
Title of thread: Would love to get feedback on my rocksmith channel
Self review: Hello! I started Rocksmith 2014 and gaming in general channel few weeks ago.(but focusing on rocksmith atm.) It would be great if someone could give me ideas how to improve...
I am quite happy with my channel art and overall look of the channel. But maybe it could be better?
Also what I need help with is view duration. Most of my videos are rocksmith playthroughs, so basically music videos, but still my average view time is only 1:30 minutes. That's quite low considering 1 song usually lasts over 3 minutes... How can I make people watch the whole thing? Click-through rate is average I guess, 4.4%?
Channel review or Video review? Channel review (and if possible, video review too... pick any rocksmith song, the format is same on all of them)
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpZwxnXabtAvfWEew91FKJw
Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/26687/
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Hey Roudari,

I've looked into your channel and also one of your videos - Very interesting channel and also big fan of the rhythm video game scene.

Key Notes for Channel Side:
  1. Check with your Channel Banner and make sure it shows any dedicated schedule for your uploads or let the audience know you do daily uploads also if you live stream onto YouTube or Twitch - Be a good idea to post your days/times when you live stream onto the Channel Banner.
  2. Check with Channel Tags - Try to aim around 20 tags for the channel, I'm showing you are part of Finland - Could use channel tags and video tags as a "finland video gamer"
Everything else is good to go and colors are nice!

Key Notes for Video:
Under Review:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOwaIlxNMjA

  1. Missing hashtags for videos - This is a key part of being searchable besides from channel and video tags ( Max of three hashtags )
  2. Missing channel name within video tags - Might want to check on that and make sure to add in your channel name in the video tags
  3. Missing replies on comments - Best practice is to try to reply as quickly as possible to comments
Sadly when it comes to rhythm video games - it depends on the music,how is your camera setup, hows the audio quality and etc.
from the one video I saw - you had good video footage of your bass and audio was good to - no crackles or any hissing

It's mostly trail and error to see what sticks with your audience and don't forget your audience retention (check and see where they are dropping off) maybe make a notification sound? or something pop up on the screen like a subscribe button.


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Thank You for Your feedback. I will try to fix those things You mentioned. I don't actually even know how to add hashtags... need to google that one. Also only one commenting on my videos is this one bot, which I would like to go away. It gives me a view and an comment but lowers my average watch time per view a lot.

EDIT: I did most of these suggestions but basically nothing has happened. Or actually, my click-through rate has gone down to 3.4%. There must something more I am doing wrong. I don't have anything popping up on the screen tho. Rocksmith gameplay is already quite fast paced and it's music. People are dropping off on different times depending on the song :EEEE

Maybe my thumbnails are bad?
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Hey pal,

I love your icon. I would capitalize on that more.

I noticed some pretty big things that should be fixed for your channel, in my opinion though. Keep up the good work and you'll get there.

1. If it's a rocksmith channel, why doesn't it say that anywhere?
2. Titles are boring. In my opinion " I 100%ED SONG NAME ON EXPERT" is way more compelling for me. I might click on that to watch some dude go ham on rocksnith, even though I dont like rocjsmith personally.
3. Thumbnails are not only generic copy pastes, they are too busy. Make it simple and they have to be different. The videos aren't compelling otherwise.
4. I recommend a video on what it's like to play rocksmith as a real guitarist. Even non gamers would like that.