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Channel Review Just general feedback from fellow creators


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User name: PierrePlaysYT
Title of thread: Just general feedback from fellow creators
Self review: I am yet to create a channel trailer which I am aware can be very helpful to new viewers so that is in the works. I used to stream but left for a different platform. When I came back and rebranded I deleted all my old live streams (like an idiot as now I've lost my watch hours). I recently stopped making content temporarily as I use a gaming laptop and was planning on selling it to fund a desktop build but then this virus hit and I wasn't able to fund the PC build so I am going back to creating content I just like to have videos created in advance due to posting 3 times a week. I'd just like some general feedback on whether I'm going in the right direction I guess
Channel review or Video review? Channel review
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/pierreplaysyt
Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/25828/


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Hey! I checked Your channel out. So here's my 5cents.

By looking at Your channel banner/art what ever it is, I see You are from France, You upload 3 times a week and the time of upload. And that this is an gaming channel. Now the France thing is good info if Your potential viewer/subscriber cares about Your nationality so I guess nothing wrong there. Banner is also very clear which is nice. You have also created playlists, which is something I like on channels I watch. In Your about/description box You are telling how Your content is about horror games. Imo it is important to tell new people what kind of content Your channel will have so good job there.

When I went to Your channel I didn't immediately understand that the channel is about horror games. Maybe add that to Your channel art?
When I saw Your upload schedule and then realized that Your newest upload is already 1 month old, I was little disappointed... Maybe remove the schedule from banner if You can't keep it? (sometimes life is hard and it's understandable to miss some days or weeks...) Or maybe make an temporary banner for now and change old one back once You have sorted everything out.
I don't know if this one is just me, but Your thumbnails... When I see people putting their face on thumbnail with surprised or what ever expression it's instant no.

There, those are my thoughts. I didn't watch any videos since You asked for channel review... Hopefully this is useful for You.


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Love your banner and I love that all of your thumbnails match. I think your channel is really great. You know what you are going to get by your titles and thumbnails. You don't really get that your channel is about horror games from your banner but from your thumbnails you do. Keep up the good work !


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Hello @PierrePlaysYT,

I checked out your channel and I have to admit your banner is actually pretty cool. It's very simple and clean with upload times. But there are a few things I would suggest you include.

First, you'll need to make it clear this is a gaming channel. Granted your name says Plays in it but your banner doesn't really express that. You have a gaming controller image but it's small and not so obvious at first. You need something a little bigger, more obvious.

Second, if your channel is dedicated to horror games you may also want to show that in your banner. Perhaps a picture of you scared or hiding behind something? Maybe a character from one of the games you play sneaking up on you. Just some ideas.

One thing I would recommend is removing the link to your Twitter from the banner (not the logo, the link on the bottom right corner). You don't want to give people an incentive to leave your channel. ou wanna keep them there as long as possible. You can include requests to follow you on your videos. It works better that way.

About your thumbnails, they look pretty good but I would suggest consistency in the template for your thumbnails. Text that stands out better in a dark background that's more catchy to the eye. Maybe not so dark thumbnails. Yes, they are horror games but perhaps use the scary characters in a brighter setting separate from the image of the game itself. I would also recommend using your channel logo on your thumbnails. When people search your channel logo can be the one thing that connects people to all your videos as the image is always the same.

Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps.

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I think the channel looks amazing, the only thing i would recommend is removing yt from your name it stands for "YOUTUBE" which is a bit weird look at it from this point of view your channel is on youtube and it's name is pierre plays yt "youtube" just a thought other than that i think your doing really well hope you reach your goals! :)


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Hey! based off my initial first impressions of what I saw here are my thoughts.

So right away your banner looks really good. High quality banner and it stands out for sure. The only thing (which seems to be a common thing) is I wasn't too sure what your channel was about until I saw your videos. I though you were maybe a vlogger or something. I did see the controller at the end but it didn't really stand out.
Maybe add some darker colors with a bit of a horror theme to it? Again that's just an opinon. Overall your channel looks good! keep it up!