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Channel Review Gaming channel trying to get known. Needs help


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I hope you're doing well, and just a few things from just going through your channel.

Your banner doesn't really speak " Gaming Channel " to me.
I see that you do have playlists, but other than Stardew Valley, I am not really seeing any other gaming centered playlists.

So thumbnails do need some work; And I do see where you have numbered some of your gameplays in the thunbnails.
However! Please make the numbers bigger, and more noticeable :). I'd rather make sure that I am clicking on #2, instead of #4 of the gaming series.

Focus, focus, focus. Going through your videos, it jumps around a lot, which to an extent it's fine.
But if you look at a lot of other inspirational gaming channels, they at max have THREE, main games that they play through at the same time before
they bounce to a few others. You don't want your uploads to look like this " MInecraft #1! " "Train Sim #1!" "FFNAF Playthrough!" " Silent Hill OMG!" " Roller Coaster Tycoon! " etc; you get the point.
So what I'd suggest is really focusing on about two games, with a fun game in between your main niche's uploads; something small :). So your list would look like this instead:
" Terraria #1" "Stardew Valley #1" " Having fun with Sims " "Terraria #2" "Stardew Valley #2" It's a lot more stream lined ^_^.

Hope this was helpful, and good luck ^_^


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As a new gaming channel myself, I think it is highly instructive to look around these forums and see the feedback of other people in the community who generously donate their time to helping each other grow!

What Orilla says about your channel is spot on. You have the potential to grow your channel, but it'd be best to focus on one or two games and derive playlists from the content you generate there.

This doesn't mean you only play these two games! They're just the ones that compose a majority of the content you put on your channel :D.

My first reaction to your banner: apple picking? As Orilla mentioned, I didn't get the sense this was a gaming channel.

Your thumbnails could convey more of what contained in each video as well as which game it might be. This also depends on your target audience, though. If you are targeting older children, they may not be as familiar with the games you play. Again, consistent thumbnails would greatly help for someone who is scrolling through your available video content.

Your channel is a little over two years old. You may want to set a schedule for posting and stick to it so that people don't have to guess about whether or not you've put up new content.

One last thing: perhaps use one other social media platform to connect and announce your new content when it becomes available? FB and Twitter are the ones that I use right now.

Subbing to your channel. I hope to see you grow soon! \(^_^)/


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I changed my banner after orilla posted and also its actually 1 year old because i didn't upload first day i made the channel just wanted to correct your info and I know that despite that it still applies I just again didn't want you to have wrong info and thanks for the support

Kevin Cross

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Hi there I agree with the above comments. Most gaming channels have a stand outish channel banner. Try searching for a free youtube banner psd file relevant to the game you play most and use photoshop to edit. Your thumbnails dont really stand out with colour you can get a free account at snappa.com and again search for free youtube thumbnails relevant to the game the video is about. Then use this as a background image you can write on in the tubebuddy thumbnail Generator. My thumbnails are not perfect yet but I am still experimenting with various styles. Good luck
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i would recommend making a better banner, and putting in more time into your thumbnails. i think the text on the thumnails are too small and hard to make out and the color on the text blends into the background making it hard to read. i would recommend using white color text or even yellow.