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Music Channel Any singers want to collab?


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User name: LA'17
Title: Any singers want to collab?
Age: 23
Type of collaboration: We are looking for someone to collab with male or female. We just want someone who is willing to lend their vocals for a new video. We usually do lyric vides or make music videos with actors etc . Once we upload video we would hope that the Collab artist would share the video too all their social media. We can discuss the details of the video properly if you reach out to us.
Amount of Subscribers: 16
Ways to contact you: Can contact me on twitter @LA17Songs or via here
Why should they collaborate with you: We are a married couple who love to sing. Singing is actually how we met. We are trying to grow our channel to share music and other informational videos. We want to try and reach as much people as possible to hopefully cheer them up during the difficult times we are all facing.
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVgGKcUt-izhYifEsL1phDQ