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Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnsil is important

Designs and arts

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Lee DG

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Thumbnails are important, also you need to have text in them so people know what they are going to be watching

Beanie Draws

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@Designs and arts out of curiosity what is the CTR of your thumbnails.
I ask because the product shots themselves are simple, clean, to the point, which is what you want in a thumbnail.

However "culturally" on YouTube, having multiple product shots in a thumbnail could be misinturpreted as marketing or spam and possibly less likely to get a click. So very interested to see what your click through rates are. The watch is eyegrabbing, but im unsure if that thumb is going to be a review about watches, an attempt to SELL watches, talking about the style of watches. So while I like it's simplism and to the pointness, I'm not 100% I'd click on it because without any other context, I'm not totally sure what I'm going to get, a review, a story, or a sales pitch, and if it's a sales pitch, I generally click away.