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Forum News TubeBuddy is Looking for more MODS [Forums, Discord, YouTube live streams]!

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Hello TubeBuddy Community!

It's time again to look for more forum moderators! We have been growing on the forums more and more! Our team can use some more help not just with the forums, but with discord, and our live streams! That's where YOU can come in!

Do you want to apply? Check out the below requirements!

TubeBuddy Mod Art.png

Applications end April 30th 2020

- Check if users are respecting our forum rules, and help enforce the forum rules.
- Check and approve posts of users (check for spam, give warnings, ban rule breakers, etc.)
- Check for community ideas and suggestions, and send them to the proper direction.
- Have a good understanding of TubeBuddy and help users better utilize the tool
- Have been active on our forums for at least one month, and have accumulated at least 100 posts.
- No current employees or reps of competing companies.
- You must be able to be trusted with sensitive information.

If you qualify for the above, please fill out the form found here:


Thanks, Andrew @Ikerot and the @Moderators


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Hello potential new moderators. Trust me when I say being a TubeBuddy mod is an awesome experience. You get to be part of a group of awesome mods helping maintain the forums and discord while helping the community, connecting with our members and best of all free cupcakes in the break room. Ok, I made up the part about the cupcakes. Only @Andrew and @Ikerot get to eat the cupcakes. :p

Come be part of this awesome mod family:

@Andrew the boss
@Ikerot second in command
@Aaron the photographer
@Beanie Draws the artist

And yours truly @BraveStarrTG, the gamer/chatterbox/class clown.
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