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How to become successful in youtube?


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I posted these words in someone else's question, but they also apply to yours.

The following is just my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.

There's no "magic bullet" for channel growth. You just have to keep putting out content and making each video better than your last. Work on your writing, your editing, your photography, your audio, your speech tone and pattern. Work on your thumbnails, your titles, your keywords. Work, work, work. (Not all at once, work on one thing and when you've got that where you want it, move on to the next thing.) Don't get discouraged, stay positive, stay patient. When you've done 50 videos, look back at your first and cringe. When you've done 150 videos, look back at your first 15 and cringe. Interact with your viewers on social media and the comment stream. Try to make sure you're putting out content on a consistent basis so your viewers can know when to expect something from you. Do all these things and keep doing them and you will grow as a channel. You might get lucky and hit that "magic bullet" video that goes completely bat-poop crazy and super viral. But that is rare. If you keep trying to hit that "one" video, you'll get frustrated.

Here's the most important suggestion I can give you though. Have fun creating your content. Most importantly because if it's not fun, you'll start to hate doing it. Your viewer will pick up on your energy, whether it's good energy or bad energy. Make sure they receive the message you're trying to send.
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