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Music Best album ever made?


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Hey guys, just to know you guys better I want to know what your favourite (or top 10/5 albums) ever are and why.

I will start:

5. Tyler the Creator's Goblin - The only hip-hop album on this list. I love the dark themes and the lines he says are amazing. There are a lot of wordplays and double meanings. I just love it.

4. Katatonia's Last Fair Deal Gone Down - From the rock/metal category this album is most certainly the softest one.The themes are depressing to say the least, but that's why it helped me when I had a dark era in my life.

3. Arch Enemy's Rise of the Tyrant - Michael Amott the lead guitarist is my hero thanks to him I wanted to make music and be creative, so I had to include Arch Enemy in my list. This album gave me the decision to tattoo a Valknut on my left upperarm, because Amott has this symbol as fretmarks on his guitar.

2. Opeth's My Arms, Your Hearse - Choosing a Opeth album is HARD for me. For a lot of people progressive (death) metal can be very repetitive, but if you can see (or listen) through it you will see how genius these guys are. The reason I chose My Arms, Your Hearse is because how genius the album is. It is one long story.

1. Bloodbath's Nightmares made flesh - The only album I ever bought a LP from. Bloodbath is amazing, with their old school guitar sounds which in my opinion you can compare to Entombed's Left Hand Path album. The themes are dark, which you should expect from a (Old School Swedish) Death-Metal band. Plus a fun fact, members of Opeth and Katatonia were both on Bloodbath's roster for a long time.

Now it's your guys turn!
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Well, these are the albums that I've been loving so far.

Gregory and the Hawk - Moenie and Kitchi: The lightness of this makes it a very relaxing listen for me. The voice definitely catches me the most. Sometimes when I just want to chill, I go for this album ^-^

Crywolf - Cataclasm: This is quite for the ride, the build up of the songs are fantastic. It starts off a bit somber, then those low growly bass comes on as the songs pass by o_o Also another album I listen to when I want to relax or work on my videos.

GO!GO!7188 - Parade: This is a Japanese rock band that disbanded a couple of years ago, but they produced a good amount of albums before their due date. This one is the first I've heard of them (but I've known the singer) and the way they experiment through other types of rock like surf rock is real catchy. The melody in her voice is something that will always be an ear worm for me.

Gatchaman Crowds OST: Not an "album" technically, but this is the first OST I genuinely enjoy. The mix of EDM and concert band (this and orchestra, I really love) is amazing. And who wouldn't love 17 Ziel der Hydra where it's a mix of dubstep, concert band, and opera? XD

Other than that, I haven't listen to albums where I like 90% of the songs. Then again, I usually don't go through albums, I catch whatever comes to me. There is an album from REOL that's coming out and I might check that out when it arrives.
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I can't really say anything about albums because I generally don't listen to a whole album. I usually like just 1 or 2 songs from any particular album, so I usually seek out single songs instead. Though here are some albums whose songs I really like:

Five for Fighting - Beautiful music that makes me feel deeply.

Lights - Livens up my imagination and kinda inspirational.

Glitch Mob - Super good for working out or activity or getting pumped up.

Owl City - Music that makes me feel nostalgic.

Waterflame - Really catchy music.

Alan Walker - It's Alan Walker. Need I say more?

iinfynite - Great catchy beats of different moods.

Wow... for someone who "only likes a particular song or two" I guess I have a lot of general favorites XD
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Chase Charaba

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I love rock n roll. Even at my young age I mostly listen to the same stuff that my parents and grandparents listen to. I have a huge music collection with about 500 vinyl records and over 60 GB of digital music. I consume so much of it from many different genres, that it's hard to pick a favorite.

I'd really have to sit down and think about that, but for right now I'd say some of the best albums of all time are:

Hysteria - Def Leppard
This album is just amazing. Every song can stand on its own and had the potential to be a hit, and many of them were. This album just makes me feel really good.

Harvest - Neil Young

Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin

Powerage - AC/DC

Back in Black - AC/DC

American Beauty - The Grateful Dead

Rumours - Fleetwood Mac

Candlebox - Candlebox
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RGS Rblood

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Best album ever made? Enter the Wu-tang (36 chambers). You could honestly not ask for a better rap Album that is packed full of word smithing and lyricism that the Wu-tang brought. They swerved from what rap was at the time and came to Pioneer Rap music. That rappers even today, Including myself. Pull inspirations from and can only wish for the skills they brought. Nothing like it. Its a classic. I have the whole album on my phone. Its one of them ones that never gets old.

Number two: Still in the Trenches 2 by Lor scoota. Scoota is a baltimore legend and this mixtape is full of legendary tracks that really Cemented Scoota in Baltimore rap music History for forever may he R.I.P

Lady April

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Best album? OOOO This one is a hard one.
I have so many. But let me go to with the approach of 5 i poured the most hours into.
1. "17" by XXXtentacion (He poured so much Emotions as the story brought you through his pain. It helps numb the pain at times)
2. "Ready to Die" by the Notorious B.I.G (Its Biggie. Need i Explain more?)
3. "To pimp a Butterfly" By Kendrick Lamar (Amazing song, Every song sits above Kendrick's Standard and its amazing)
4. "Missundaztood" by P!nk (Me and My friend sing songs off this album so ya)
5. "Fallen" By Evanescence ( Its just a punk rock album. But Amy lee is Dreamy and her voice is amazing)


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I would probably say that Kate Bush's "The Dreaming" is the album I listen to in its entirety the most.
It was alright...but it does have some competition. I too like it a lot! but i don't know if i could call it my best :mask:

Tito Tim

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Ever? Too many to name...
but it is hard to beat the Grateful Dead, "American Beauty" or Bob Dylan "Blood on the tracks". American beauty is one of the best produced studio albums I have ever heard.

But, yeah Evanescence "Fallen" had almost every track become a hit single. Big freshman album, too bad there was no real sophomore follow up (adult alternative, not punk, but still good)
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Only onez i canz listen on repeat
Gang Signs and Prayers by Stormzy
Gold by Metro station
Joytime By Marshmello


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Travis Scott- Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight
Kanye West- 808s & Heartbreak
The Weeknd- Starboy
Drake- Take Care
Rihanna- Anti
There are some more but those are the ones I can think of right now.


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Radiohead's OK computer. Best album ever made.
Or Demon Dayz by Gorillaz. These are seriously good albums. It's just chill.