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TubeBuddy Potential Scammers and Bots


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Hi Everyone,

I'm still new to the scene, and I wanted to make sure that I had my information as accurate as possible before posting for the first time on TB...

I've been doing some digging into the darker aspects of becoming a YouTuber, and I wanted to bring this to the attention of fellow newbies like me.

There are some channels out there that prey upon those who are eager to engage and grow their subscriber count. These channels appear to engage in the use of bots to post on recent videos in order to butter up the content creators with a message of support and a direct request to subscribe to their channels.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE whenever someone asks for a sub, go and check out their channels first before deciding!

As a general rule of thumb, DO NOT simply sub to anyone who gives you praise and attention without first doing your due diligence on their channels.

Determine whether or not these posts are real and from people who do engage regularly before subbing!

From what I understand, if you sub to their channels without looking they have the potential to take control of your channel and re-purpose it for their own. You may lose all of your content.

I personally had an experience with falling for this trap recently. Thankfully, YouTube suspended the account shortly afterward.

Here's a video upload detailing what I'm talking about:

I also caught one of these comments recently on a fellow TubeBuddy community member and reported it. If you see something like this on a member's video (or any other video for that matter), please report it! Stop these scammers and spammers from doing this!

I want everyone in this community to be safe and grow, especially during this time. It's a great time for everyone to contribute their voices and support each other. On the flip side, it's a golden opportunity for those who would take advantage of those who are sincerely putting in effort!

I'm certain this isn't the first time this topic has come up in the forums. I hope this refreshes our vigilance in these challenging times!

Take care, and be safe!