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YouTube Question Im looking for a youtube video.


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Im looking for a youtube video.It starts off by a little brown haired boy throws a little brown haired girls teddy bear across school yard.The little girl starts crying and the next thing it shows is the little girl jumping on the back of the little boys back while hes laying down in the school yard.Then it shows her in her 20s laying in bed with some guy,She gets up and goes to the bathroom and cuts all her hair off.And then she she shows her in a bathtub full of water with her wrist cut.I have written to YouTube and asked them for their help but they never answered me.Does anyone know of this video that was on video about 6 months ago?about October 2019 ?I doubt anyone deleted it.Thanku for your help


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Good luck on finding this. I don't have an idea myself since I don't remember seeing something similar.

It does sound like one of those 'inspirational' short films. There's a channel (or multiple) all about it, but I don't know the names.