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Channel Milestone The 125 Video Mark...

Stanley | Team TB

Amazingly Decent and Not-At-All Terrible Fishing
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Just a little encouragement for anybody who is hustling and still fairly new to their YT journey. I just crossed the 125 video mark (which is actually closer to the 225 mark do to all the videos left unlisted, private and made specifically for social media).
The 125 video mark put me at:
2,880 subscribers
11,700 hours of watchtime
1,200,000 impressions
About $2,000 (includes adsense, affiliate and sales)
Has been an amazing ride and can't wait for the 250 mark!
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Beanie Draws

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I feel you on those private and unlisted videos :p

that's some pretty cool stats and brings some weight to the argument of "quantitiy over quality" (although I still hate that term) you've got some awesome stats going there. Would love to see more people's stats along with the amount of videos done :) this is a great idea of a dedicated thread for all I think :)
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