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Gaming Channel Hey everybody! My name is Kirk, I love me some vidja games and yes my parents are indeed Trekkies.


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User name: kirk_collects
Title of introduction: Hey everybody! My name is Kirk, I love me some vidja games and yes my parents are indeed Trekkies.
Your name/ Alias: Kirk works just fine along with the zillions of nicknames you can come up from it (I've heard just about all of them).
Where are you from? I was spawned in Spokane Washington.... so many pine trees.
How did you find TubeBuddy? I was searching for forums where I could chat with other youtube creators and also promote my content and came across TubeBuddy in a Google search. Nothing super sexy I know but hey it was in the first couple search results so clearly something is working here.
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I think the first thing I noticed was just how clean and well designed the site look. From there I saw there was a lot of friendly discussion and a lot of avenues for learning from other creators but also ways to promote. I am very new to youtube and a lot of it is very uncharted for me so finding like-minded communities seems like a good priority.
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: I've always loved gaming and talking about games and I think I have something to offer to other gamers in terms of my opinion and insight. They may not seem like lofty goals but in truth I want to challenge myself to see if I can make videos that really attract and audience.
How frequently do you upload? At the moment my goal is to upload weekly. I usually try to get content uploaded on Thursdays but may start experimenting with release times.
What are your hobbies? Gaming!
But I also love all thing creative.
Drawing and writing mostly.
What is your biggest dream? This seems like a "wide dream" but I've always wanted to be apart of something innovating that really brings an art form forward. Whether it be in gaming or film and television. I think of the arts as not a means of achieving a status but rather a constant pursuit of improving yourself that leads to the creation of something fantastic.

Also Half-Life 3... thats a HUGE dream lol
YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKDm2bY7rmjZKuyfkXgwCjA?view_as=subscriber
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Also Half-Life 3... thats a HUGE dream lol


Welcome to the forums Kirk! Haha, Glad you found us through Google! Glad to hear you love the forum design! We worked very hard on it, and hope to see you around! :D

We need gamers like you helping in that way! :D

What is your favorite part of YT so far?


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Thanks for the warm welcome!

You know I have to say my favorite part so far is the analytics. My videos don't generate a ton of views but the amount of info generated from the views I do get is kind of mind blowing. For example being able to look at the retention graph and see exactly what parts of the video are sustaining views and where I'm losing people is really helpful.