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YouTube Question Less views


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Subscriber Goal
As I started YouTube nearly 2 years
But IΓÇÖm not getting views.
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White Bread

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Well, it's interesting that you were able to get so many subscribers while getting so few views, it's usually the other way around. The bulk of views normally come from non-subscribers, which under normal circumstances, with 17k subscribers, you should have at least double that number of views on most videos. That said, with 17k subs, you might want to start asking your subscribers what they want from you and then deliver their requests. It's not always easy to know why people like you or your channel and it's almost never for the reasons why you assume they should like your channel. You might also want to take a look at your analytics and see which videos are performing best and start making more videos in that direction as well as using similar keywords, titles, descriptions etc. One way or another, you should find out why so many people subscribed to your channel and what they expect. You may also want to remind them to click the bell notification, so that they get alerted every time you release a new video. If only 500 people know you released a new video, that could be why your views are so low. Best of luck ;)