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YouTube Opinion Bilingual Channel

Bilingual channel, WWYD? See background below...

  • Record same content in English

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  • Add English voice to existing videos

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  • Nothing

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New Member
Hello TB community, I started my channel at the beginning of February. All the content so far is in my main language, Spanish. While I have received great feedback from my subscribers some friends and neighbors are requesting that I share the content in English. IΓÇÖm originally from Puerto Rico living in North Carolina, USA.
I have three options here:
1. Add captions in english
2. Record a second video version in English
3. Add English voice on top of the current recording
Which options would you choose, if anything at all?
If I go with option 2 or 3, I can set a schedule to post one language in the weekend and the translated video on a weekday.
I believe, this give me the option to grow my channel but is the extra effort worth it? The channel is all about my familyΓÇÖs journey towards reaching a debt free life and financial independence. There are plenty of English speaking YouTubers out there!!

Niki Proshin

Known Member
Hey! I faced similar situation before - I am native Russian, but all recent videos on my channel are in English language. Though many friends of mine don't speak English well, and I just add captions in Russian for them. It takes some time, but I think it worth it (YT analytics shows that about 80% of my viewers watch videos without captions, 10% use Russian captions and 10% use English captions).
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