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YouTube Help How to increase sub and watch time


New Member
Hi ,i have started new channel "cook with fazila"in January 2020 so i want to grow my channel increase subscribers and watch time. Help me how can i achieve.

White Bread

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TubeBuddy Pro
You definitely want to start out with a solid pilot and work from there. Set up a system before you start publishing. Make 10 videos or so until you find your groove and make sure the editing is tight and keeps the viewers attention. Also try to develop a way to streamline your production process and get it down to a predictable progress. If you know it takes you X hours to complete a video from idea to release, then you will know that maximal number of videos you can release per week. The more the better, but don't burn yourself out. Three times per week is solid and usually able to be stuck to. On the other 4 days, try doing a live stream, this is a way to get people that youtube will notify for you when you go live, if they happen to watch a lot of videos with the keywords you use. It's like free advertising and it has worked very well for us on previous channels we've started. If you don't have a job or school, then I suggest you make one video everyday followed by a live stream everyday. For cooking, livestream is easy, just pick any meal of the day and let people watch you prepare it and answer questions they ask. It doesn't have to be a full production, live stream is an interaction, not a production. Hope that helps and good luck! :)