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Video Review walked for 9hrs so i could eat huge and get lean at the same time


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My suggestions would be to get yourself a little more centered on the camera. I am horrible at this still learning. Also brighter lighting, closer to you.

dean the rat

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You need better cameria light, and more of a brighter or cleaner background thats only my opinion, and speak with more confidence it sounds like you were really unsure of the audience and what you needed to say. The cameria placement is off witch could be fixed by moving over just a tad. with the title i would make it shorter but the title represents the content of the video extremily well, and the facts you showed on you walking for 18 hours is a great thing to do. i enjoyed your video, continue with this experiment your doing with walking so long, i for one would not be able to do so.


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I agree with @dean the rat. The lighting on the camera needs to be a bit brighter. Also, you need to work on your speaking just like what Dean says. I would say that you should try and document the walking.

Dragon Value Home

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The lighting needs to be a lot brighter , I agree. perhap a lil scripting of your ideas before making video will help you focus: I should know, I need to do the same. Thank you: your on the right track, no pun intended.


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Hi, my view is:
1. be more central to the camera
2. different background
3. better lighting
4. have a layout like, intro, what you are talking about, what are we going to get by the end of the video
5. tone of voice is the same
6. different photos or shooting angles

I am new to your channel and I could not understand what it was about so always a little intro like... welcome to my channel if you are new to this video I am talking about.... bla bla, make sure that you check out this video to catch up on this journey!

Just a few thoughts