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Gear Question Swapping DSLR for Mirrorless?


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Hi guys,

Although I havenΓÇÖt had my current camera/vlogging set up for a long time, IΓÇÖve noticed some limitations to the types of lenses I can use so IΓÇÖve recently been thinking about changing it to a potentially more flexible set up. I do travel vlogging, so I do like to keep my set up as light as possible, but ofcourse ideally with good quality.

My current set up:

Canon 200D
Canon EF-S 10-18mm F/4.5-5.6 IS STM
Tamron 24-70/2.8 G2
Rode Video Micro (Had no problems with this, so probably wonΓÇÖt change)
Zhiyun Weebill-s (brand new, so havenΓÇÖt tested it out yet)

What IΓÇÖd really like, is to be able to get some bokeh when vlogging, but also now that I have the weebill-s I wanted to get some lenses that were a similar weight to the camera I use and my 10-18mm that I could vlog and get great b-roll with...the tamron 24-70mm is A LOT heavier than my camera and 10-18mm which causes balancing issues for my gimble and would obviously make it a lot longer trying to get shots while on the move. There seems to be very few prime/wide angle options for EF-S DSLRs than mirrorless, so it really limits how I want to use my new gimble and although 10-18mm has been really great for me thus far, itΓÇÖs awful in low light situations.

IΓÇÖm currently looking at the Cannon M50 and really like how for example, the Sigma 16mm 1.4 looks on it - which there doesnΓÇÖt seem to be anything similar for with my 200D.

How worth it do you think making the swap to the M50 would be, or would you have any other mirrorless or different camera set up suggestions?

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I was Going to Get the M50 because The Camera I ACTUALLY wanted The Panasonic g85 was unavailable at my local Best Buy and since My First Changeable Lens Camera WAS a Panasonic, My lumix G7 which i still own and use, I started looking for a suitable replacement and it came down to 2 Cameras, 1. The Sony a6100 and 2. The Canon M50 and since I've used a Sony Before being the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX80 I was kinda leaning to it but then I was watching Youtube Videos on the M50 and well since i work at Costco's in our electronic department we just so happen to get 9 of them in and I was able to put the display up, and once i had one in my hand I almost immediately said, No...I don't want this camera, and the reasoning is, Having a Mirrorless Camera Already being my Lumix G7 the Grip on it was AMAZING I could hold it with one hand being that's NOT the case with the M50 as it's more like a travel friendly Camera and feels too plasticy, and doesn't have a Good Grip, but Luckily I checked to see maybe if Best Buy might have gotten in a G85 and sure enough...they did And I vlogged it and Did an unboxing of it and did a quick review of it. Now the reasons I choose the G85 over both was 1. Weather Sealed which none of the others are, 2. Dual IBIS which again none of them our and 3. Price...which all were at the same Price point $699. All My lenses will fit this camera as they are the same Mirrorless Camera...the lenses I use are a 25mm and 45-150mm that i can adapt to both, if you're looking for a Decently priced Mirrorless I'd look at either the Panasonic G85 or the Sony a6100. Also if ya wanna check out my channel to see the reviews I did for both, just look me up.
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