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Need Advice How to drill down my Niche.


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I am in an overly saturated market. Gaming.
I enjoy playing games so figure should stay in that realm.
My question is this, how do I find out other than just typing in, for example, First-person shooter, or strategy games, etc into the youtube search how saturated that drilled down niche is. I want to find a game that isn't over-saturated, that I enjoy and my audience will enjoy it. If that at all makes sense lol. Is there a tool or website that will help you drill down. I know steam charts show what games are trending for steam, but is there anything for youtube.
Thank You


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Drilling down your niche is really based on what YOU want to do. What do you like the most? Do you enjoy FPS or strategy games more? Also, take a look at all the games within those niches (and do some keyword research). For me, I can think of more simulation games than I can FPS games, but that's because I enjoy sim type games a lot more.
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