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Question about the BOYA BY-M1 lav mic

Beanie Draws

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So I was filming a tour of my art books with my phone, with the BOYA BY-M1 plugged in (set to phone, not pc settings) and the audio is still horrible, picking up the internal mic rather than the lac mic.

Has anyone else had any better luck with the BOYA? or should I try going with a better lav mic? or maybe it's the phone it'self? My phone is an Oppo A75, an incredibly budget phone so maybe it's software just can't detect when an external mic is plugged in?

The other annoying thing is to test if the mic worked, I have to unplug the mic and plug in headphones because the speakers on this phone are junk as well :joy:


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You might have to check your recorder settings to see if you can select which mic for it to capture from.

Some apps allows you to do this. Give it a shot?