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Thumbnail Feedback need help


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There are several ways to make thumbnails, my brother-in-law pays a guy on Fivrr to make his. I make mine with a combination of 'paint', free online software and Affinity Photo (I paid for it $49 for Affinity photo). You can use a few other sources online but most are plain unless you pay a monthly fee. Or you can make them completely free (watch my video below).

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txcwyqJvp9Y


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can someone give me feedback on how to do thumbnails please
There are a lot of tutorials out there on YOUTUBE !
But i can help you! First you need a good looking and attractive thumbnail! Thumbnail is the main thing that attracts viewers' attention and thumbnail is showing to the viewers what is your video about!
So after you get a taste from what it is lets move on!
You want it to have BIG LETTERS easy to read and understand and for the background is up to you depends on your subject!
Now its up to you to train!You wont get it straight up PERFECT unless you are that good!
Train,Experiment and learn Eventually you will have good looking thumbnails!
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